Saturday, April 19, 2008


This has been a record breaking year for people who have been infected with influenza. But there is another virus sweeping the country that is even more dangerous than the flu. Please read the following article to find out if you are suffering from affluenza.

"It's not your typical virus, but rather a highly contagious disease of epidemic overconsumption, and the symptoms include compulsive shopping, high debt, overwork, inability to delay gratification, a sense of entitlement, obsession with externals and "having it all," wastefulness, and stress. The disease is called afflueza... (click here to read the rest of this excellent article).

Michael Dungan is a Christian financial planner who wrote the book, "Prodigal Sons and & Material Girls: How Not to Be Your Child's ATM." He helps people to "do" money in ways that honor their values. His simple philosophy of "share, save, spend" helps adults and their children find the antidote to hyper-consumption. Here is another brief article from Physicians Money Digest that does a good job of putting Dungan's ideas into practical advice for someone suffering from affluenza. Read especially the information at the end of the article.

Jesus said where our treasure is our hearts will follow. He also said we cannot serve both God and Money. Is it possible to be a sincere Christian if one is infected with "affluenza?" Do you think it could ever be labeled a true "disease"?

Tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Bill,

I always read along with your off the top blog and I enjoy it very much. It is always thought provoking.
Maybe the monster before the series is over can visit what seems to be one of those "acceptable" sins by most..........GLUTTONY.
I mean we even have "all you can eat" buffets, wings etc. everywhere you turn which I am sure everyone of us have been excited by. And we also think it is a value of some sort because you get all this food for one price. Hmmm. Just a thought off the top of my head.

KS said...

Sometimes it is easy to be afflicted with afflueza in today's society and not even realize it. Hopefully your sermon series and this blog have opened our eyes and ears to this growing epidemic. Thank you Bill for your blog.