Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Luke Twenty-Two, part three

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: Luke 22.39-46

Scripture: "Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done." - Luke 22.42

Observations: Alone in his distress, Jesus agonized in prayer. Alone? Not totally. For when he prayed he was never alone. The cup of suffering, could it pass by? Would it pass by? Jesus wished it could, but he understood that it was for this moment he had come. An angel was sent to strengthen him, and with the added strength he prayed even more earnestly.

Meanwhile, his disciples slept through it all.

Apply: Do you think we can truly realize the extent of Jesus' suffering? Sometimes we think his struggle with temptation was not like ours because of his divine nature, but this passage clearly indicates that he felt the full weight of this decision. Where would we be if he had insisted on his will rather than surrendering to the Father's will?

How many of our prayers are trying to get God to do our will rather than trying to hear and surrender to God's will? Or, am I simply sleeping my way through the opportunities that God puts in my path?

Prayer: God, give me the faith that says, "Yet not my will, but Yours be done."


traci said...

I was reading an awesome article by Chuck Pierce yesterday that filled me with SUCH HOPE - he reminded us to lean not on our own understanding - and to go UP not under - I have been considering (this morning) the verse - keep your mind on things above - (IDK even where it is at 5 in the AM)

but I DO know...
Jesus - with everything weighing down on Him...had His mind on things above - "FATHER" if it is YOUR WILL...
Jesus was fully man - emotionally and mentally breaking in HALF under the pressure of what He KNEW was to come - yet without sin...which somehow comforts me in my hours of pressured, tearfilled prayer -
He was setting His mind on the things above - but I don't think it was without the Fathers help and the angels strength...
We can't know - there are just SOME things that we can NOT absolutely know - how he struggled internally - the added pain of being a man...

humph - that makes me consider how differently this all coulda went down - God could have come in ALL HIS GLORY and totally SMOTE everyone - and said "here's how it's gona be..."

But yet, the spotless lamb of God came - to take away the sins of the world - the sins of Traci...(all the really bad ones).
and on the mount of olives...My Jesus was subjected to such intense pressure that he sweat drops of blood....just the beginning of His intense and unimaginable suffering for me - even while I was yet a sinner...my name was in His mind.

Jesus thank you - Father thank you - Spirit teach us...thank you

KS said...

I understand that Jesus was God (and therfore perfect and sinless) and that Jesus is the only path for salvation but I do not think I can truely understand how it felt for Jesus to give up his position in heaven and come to earth to suffer and die for our sins.

When Bill wrote - "How many of our prayers are trying to get God to do our will rather than trying to hear and surrender to God's will?" he was right on target. It is so hard to be still and wait for God to reveal his will but instead to be doing things and hoping that it fits into God's will.